At Palmetto Automation Inc., we specialize in the sale of new
and used surplus products from a network of channels we have established
through the tests of time.

The products we offer at Palmetto Automation Inc. are not
affiliated with nor endorsed by the original manufacturer as an authorized
surplus dealer. It is important to note that these products might feature older
date codes or belong to earlier series compared to those accessible directly
from the factory or other authorized distributors. Palmetto Automation Inc. is
not an authorized distributor for this product, therefore the warranty provided
by the original manufacturer does NOT apply.

While many products may come with pre-installed firmware,
Palmetto Automation Inc. cannot guarantee the presence of firmware in each PLC/electronic
product, or whether the firmware version aligns with the specific requirements
of your application. Moreover, we do not make any claims regarding your
eligibility or rights to download or procure firmware for the product, whether
from any major brand, its distributors, or any other source. Furthermore,
Palmetto Automation Inc. does not affirm your right to install any such
firmware onto the product. Please be aware that Palmetto Automation Inc. will
not facilitate or provide firmware on your behalf. It remains your
responsibility to adhere to the terms stipulated in any End-User License
Agreement or similar document pertaining to the acquisition or installation of
firmware. It is imperative that safety and local protocols are followed with the installation of said products.

All trademarks, brand names, and brands mentioned within this
context remain the property of their respective owners.